Decorating Options

StoneyCreek's® products utilize a variety of decorating methods. Each order is made to customers exact specifications as stated on the purchase order. The material color is chosen from over 95 different color options based upon customer request. Materials other than stone can be incorporated into stock products as well as custom projects. The decorating technique is decided based upon customer request, the logo/artwork to be placed on the product, and input from us based upon past experience and what gives the best result visually. There are four main decorating options offered at StoneyCreek® Request a Virtual Rendering

Etch & Color Fill

This option gives the look of a laser etch on each individual piece but is achieved either through the casting and molding process or individually lasering each piece. This option is used when lines of separation appear in the artwork, the number of color fills are limited to make it cost effective, and a high quality, hand crafted look is desired. StoneyCreek® offers 18 stock imprint colors from which to choose. We are able to add additional color fill colors for an additional charge. We are also able to PMS color match imprint colors.

4 Color UV Printing

Our 4-Color printing process uses high-intensity LED ultraviolet lights to cure specialized UV inks immediately and permanently to a piece. Unlike etch and color fill, UV printing allows for the reproduction of gradients and full color images (or photos). UV printing also allows for multiple imprint colors without additional charges. The result is a high resolution image with vibrant color.  

Metallic Coatings

If a customer wants the look of real metals but doesn’t have the budget, we can achieve it with our metallic coatings. We offer gold, silver, copper, pewter, and gunmetal as stock coatings. Each piece or unit is individually coated and then sealed to lock the coating onto the piece.

Highlights and Washes

Products that have textures or details that need to be brought out from the piece may require a wash or highlight to bring them to life. A complimentary color to the stone, generally in a brown, black, grey, or burnt orange color is used.


A bronze or pewter casting effect can also be achieved with this process. We offer a bronze, pewter, or copper highlight to simulate a metal cast piece.