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Denver Health Years of Service

Solution: Playing on a mountain theme, this... Read More

Core Principles

Solution: A chiseled stone upright was... Read More

Gold & Silver Bars

Solution: Did you know a metallic... Read More

Three Legged Stool

Solution: Looking to emphasize what the... Read More

Embedded Magnet

Solution: During the casting process we can embed... Read More

Poker Chip Coaster

Solution: The coaster was decorated with a full color... Read More

Hex Stackable

Solution: Our stacking hex award has the option of... Read More

S-Power Award

Solution: The client needed a commemorative for a... Read More

I-Beam Commemorative

Solution: To commemorate a "Topping Out" ceremony... Read More

House Award

Solution: A 2-D House shape was created... Read More

Honeycomb Patterned Coaster

Solution: A honeycomb-patterned stone coaster was the... Read More

Presidents Club Award

Solution: A custom 3-piece puzzle was designed to highlight the... Read More

Powered For Success

Solution: Looking to compliment the theme for the year... Read More

Learning Champion Award

Solution: Playing off the program logo, a custom-shaped... Read More

Apache Sales Award

Solution: Utilizing a standard wedge award the pattern of... Read More

Uniquely Decorated Round Plaque

Solution: A destination-themed award presented in Tennessee... Read More

4-Piece Travertine Coaster Set

Solution: A travertine-textured coaster set was... Read More

Whiskey Barrel Plaque

Solution: A destination-themed award was created by layering... Read More

Flip-Flop Award

Solution: Looking to create a unique gift that replicated a... Read More

State Shaped Award

Solution: A custom award was designed in the shape of... Read More

Carbon Fiber Cool

Solution: Utilizing a carbon fiber textured coaster the... Read More

Unicorn Shaped Phone Holder

Solution: A creative custom phone holder was designed in... Read More

Prime Awards In Concrete

Our Prime Awards are cast in real concrete with a... Read More

Celebrating 25 Years

Solution: Using a rectangle upright as a backdrop a... Read More

Zen Garden Desk Toy

Solution: This custom zen garden was designed to... Read More

Adobe House

Solution: Looking for a replica home, themed for a... Read More

Sword & Stone

Solution: This rock was given an added touch by creating a... Read More

Top 50 Award

Solution: This custom 3-D award was designed to replicate... Read More

Concrete Association Gift

Solution: A concrete association was looking for a member... Read More

Gift Bag Commemorative

Solution: This creative commemorative was cast in two pieces... Read More

Promotion Recognition Award

Solution: This custom perpetual award was designed to... Read More

Clock Tower Donor Gifts

Solution: A new arena being built had a signature clock... Read More

Anniversary Gift For A Hospital

Solution: Celebrating a 100-year anniversary, this unique... Read More

Values Recognition Program

Solution: 2” cubes were designed to look like stacking... Read More

Multi-level Award Project

Solution: Our carbon fiber textured line of products looks very... Read More

Construction-Themed Gift

Solution: A custom pattern was created with a single-textured... Read More

A Variety Of Themes

Solution: Utilizing a wedge award, a variety of custom... Read More

Instant Recognition

Solution: A company looking to recognize employees... Read More

Cobblestone Clock

Solution: Thanking attendees for their time a clock with a... Read More

Destination Themed Recognition

Solution: Recognizing senior leadership and their board of... Read More

Donor Recognition

Solution: A heart-shaped paperweight was created in... Read More

Product Roll-out Gift

Solution: A furniture company launched a new product by... Read More

Legacy Award

Solution: Looking for a round-shaped award that could be... Read More

Perpetual Plaque

Solution: Looking for a modern feel, a plaque was designed... Read More

Creative Award Design

Solution: We used characters from their online social... Read More

Gift for Construction Companies

Solution: A concrete company utilized a concrete-like 2 piece... Read More

Service Award Program

Solution: Wanting to show employees they are an important... Read More

Citizen Recognition Program

Solution: 3 different plaques along with an award were... Read More

Resort Gift

Solution: Mixing two imprinting methods, a dynamic... Read More

A Rock That Sells

Solution: Utilizing a smooth skipping stone, a catchy saying... Read More


Solution: Taking inspiration from their core values and... Read More

Unsung Hero

Solution: Our leaf accent was the perfect medium to... Read More

Energy Summit

Solution: Working off the bright colors of the event... Read More

Prudential Rock

Solution: Utilizing a rock shape that matched their iogo... Read More

The Woodlands

Solution: After the completion of a large project the... Read More

1 & 2 Cutouts

Solution: Desk-sized number cutout awards were used to... Read More

Spotlight Award

Solution: Designed for a coatings company the award is... Read More

Anvil Shaped Award

Solution: Customer was looking for a 3-D anvil for their... Read More


Solution: The classic mortar & pestle look was modified... Read More


Solution: Utilizing two of our new award designs... Read More

Animal Phone Holder

Solution: Create a custom phone holder in specific... Read More