Introducing StoneyCreek®

StoneyCreek® has been a manufacturer of promotional products since 1986. Our facility is centrally located in the heartland of America. We primarily work in the medium of cast stone, but when requested we do incorporate other mediums into the products we produce.

Our goal is to provide our customers the best possible experience with a quality product, great customer service, and an easier way to place orders. Of course we are always excited about the challenges you put before us with your custom projects and we will continue to strive to meet those challenges.

Our Award Winning Philosophy

At StoneyCreek® we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. This is shown through our A+ rating in SAGE and our Supplier of Distinction rating in ASI.

The sales department will assist with any questions or requests pertaining to catalog or custom inquiries. Our customer service representatives will guide you from order placement through tracking. The art department will generate 3D virtual images for visualization of your product. We offer these services as part of our customer first philosophy.

StoneyCreek® is also the winner of PPAI's prestigious award for Supplier Achievement.

Our Expertise

StoneyCreek® has been a manufacturer of promotional products, awards and recognition products for many years. Through the years we have improved our processes, quality, and product offerings. We are able to cast dimensionally and achieve the look of a bronze or pewter metal casting. We now offer our products in any of 20 color families with five choices of stone within each of those. Each order is made to the customers exact specifications, quantities, and time frames so inventory is never an issue when you place an order with us. And finally we fulfill the niche of a custom shop, the place to turn when you have a project that begins with a wild idea and you need someone to bring it to life.